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Deva G.
Pasadena, CA

"I have been using AAG Construction over 4 years and have nothing but praise over their quality of work and work ethics. They worked within my budget and timeframe. They gave my rental units new life. They have copper repiped, panel upgraded, done all my electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, re-patching, and flooring work. His team also give good advise. Hutch is a very friendly and great guy to work with. His team is professional, competent, hard working, respectful, and clean. I use to live in Italy and am use to european craftsmanship since I always also rennovated my home there. They can definitely compare. They have earned my trust and am very, very happy that I have finally found this contractor that I can depend on since before it was always a headache to look for someone to do the job right and not take me for a ride. Hutch is very fair and easy to work with and I give him my highest recommendation. I have many projects still planned and need not look any further. Give them a try, you won"t regret it."

Milosz F.
Hollywood, CA

"i hired aag to do my condo remodel...and it was by far the most extensive plumbing and electrical work i have ever done on a condo...and i have remodeled alot of condos....i have owned more condos than most people own cars in their lives. if you want cheap unlicensed people who dont carry insurance and will sue you when one of their undocumented workers falls and breaks his leg, don't hire this company. if you want your electricians and plumbers to spend 3 months on a job that should take 3 weeks, don't hire this company if you want one guy working on your job when it really needs 7 guys, don't hire this company. if you only care about saving money, and not about quality or follow up in case corrections are necessary, don't hire this company. but....................... if you want a crew bigger than the chinese army to show up to your place and pound your job out in a few days, then you need to hire aag. if you want a company that will show up in sometimes less than 10 minutes for corrections/adjustments, then you need to hire aag if you want a company that will fix mistakes and won't blame them on your drywall guy then you need to hire aag. if you want a company that won't be the cheapest company, but will do a great job, so you don't have to worry about your house burning down with your kids inside, then you need to hire aag. if you want a company to carry workers comp, so you don't lose your house in a lawsuit, then you need to hire aag. if you are a tightwad, who doesn't care about safety, liability, code compliance or speed of work, then you should not hire aag."

Merrin F.
Los Angeles, CA

"Reliable and reasonable prices. I had them come for a second job months after the first and appreciated that the same guy was able to come."

Chris C.
Altadena, CA

"I had AAG do an electrical box upgrade on my home. We upgraded to 200 amp service, plus had them run a 50 amp line for a hot tub. The guys were professional and their rate was competitive. I felt comfortable with their work and they have kept their promises. I'd recommend AAG for electrical work."

Sarmen A.
Mount Olive, NJ

"Excellent company! Very professional and fast service! I had a problem with both electrical and plumbing problem and I called the right company. They came out in within 1 business day, fixed it both and left. Very affordable prices and will work with this company once again! Thank you!"

Connie H.
Encino, CA

"We had used AAG several years ago to rewire our business for industrial machinery. This time we needed to remove some termite damage from our garage and then turn the whole garage from an empty dirty space to my new art & crafts studio. I hung the insulation myself. Then we hired AAG to come in to put in a new panel, pull some wires and place sockets. Aro and his guys were incredibly neat and did a great job. The price was very fair. We told Aro our plans for the space and he offered to quote on the dry wall. We had intended to do it ourselves as a fun project. He gave us a fair and reasonable quote. So we planned to safe our energy for art and let the AAG team do their thing. The garage looks like the nicest room in the house. The work was done meticulously, clean, and very smooth. I highly recommend AAG and plan to use them on future projects."

Dee B.
La Quinta, CA

"Mike and his crew did a couple days of fairly detailed electrical work at our newly remodeled home. They were polite, clean and did great work. Very pleased and will definitely use them next time."

Kate K.
Pasadena, CA

"AAG was phenomenal. I received a promotional flyer in the mail that was much more reasonable then the other two plumbers AND electricians that we had out to the house. We met with them on a Thursday and the work for a tankless water heater, new updated electrical panel, and rewiring half the house from nob and tube started on Monday. The team swarmed in tackled all jobs at the same time and were finished in 3 days. The team was professional, courteous, worked well together, and worked well around me and my two small children. I would and will be hiring them again for more work."

Var T.
Granada Hills, CA

"Excellent plumbing and electric service company! Very professional and fast service! I had a problem with both my house electrical and plumbing. These guys offered the best plumbing service prices in the valley. They provided same day service of my blown up water heater, which caused an issue with my electrical wiring. I would highly recommend this company to anyone! Thanks Chris!"

Elliott C.
Los Angeles, CA

"Called AAG plumbing and electrical on a saturday at 2:09pm, arrived at my residence about 3:30pm. Looked and analyzed the condos we stay in and gave us the scoop on what was to be repaired. The main shut off valve to the condo had to be replaced because the old one was a gate valve which didn't fully shut so they replaced that with a simple and easy to use ball valve. Then they analyzed the leaks that was running from the upstairs bathroom going down to the kitchen directly underneath and said it was going to be an easy fix to change the copper piping. The over work took about 2 hours to complete and gave us a quote of $825. Hutch was the person who first came to our residence. Very friendly and straight forward. I will be glad to do business with him again. :) Thank you Hutch for doing a great job."

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